Cultural Competency

Cultural Competence in our Homes
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In response to educational challenges associated with Covid-19, Did You Know Publishing, Inc. is making available the use of several FREE and user-friendly Tool-kits (exercises, activities, strategies, and techniques) that offers purposeful and intentional ways for connecting and engaging parents and educators while preparing student learners for academic success.

Did You Know Publishing, Inc. recognizes that parents have been thrust into a world of uncertainty with expectations to educate their children in unprecedented ways during this pandemic. Being equipped with the necessary tools at their fingertips will produce less stress for all – students, parents, educators, administrators, and other stakeholders.

Cultural Competence in Homes

The online toolkit offers strategies, techniques, and exercises to promote opportunities that not only help students learn. They also assist in transitioning students to their upcoming school responsibilities while increasing collaboration between parents and educators to assist with student engagement and connections.

The toolkit promotes intentional and purposeful improvements by giving:

  • Helpful suggestions parents can use to assist their child at every grade level
  • Reading readiness activities that include suggestions for students over the summer
  • Math and science readiness to prepare students for the upcoming school year
  • Information on how to help parents and educators make connections
  • Preparation Checklists for the upcoming school year

Free Toolkit Information for Parents & Teachers

Did You Know Publishing, Inc. recognizes the importance of catering to the unique needs of each child while supporting them in gaining necessary competencies needed for their future success.

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