Cultural Competency

Cultural Competence in the Workplace
Woven Traditions® Process | More Productivity & Synergy at Work

Woven TraditionsOvercoming social and cultural differences in your place of work is a requirement for long term success. Employees are confronted with situations every day that leave lasting impressions on clients, as well as each other. Any discriminatory behavior becomes a direct reflection upon your business – whether it is true or not. To a customer, perception equals reality.

Business development relies greatly upon building relationships. Utilizing the Woven Traditions process within your company can help everyone in your organization learn how to appreciate and value diversity in the workplace – helping the entire team become more efficient, understanding and functional in accomplishing their day-to-day requirements.

Professional Development | Improving Critical Thinking and Life Skills

Woven Traditions offers customized, on-site training and professional learning to a wide variety of organizations. We provide pre-designed modules, case studies and vignettes to help participants better understand our social differences, and even grapple with the ramifications these issues have beyond just the walls of the office.

Cultural Competence in the Workplace

Our process is custom designed to fit your specific corporate needs, and we offer support for the administrative staff by way of weekly meetings and communication throughout the process. We are committed to helping wherever we can to ensure your experience is a positive one.

By implementing the Woven Traditions philosophies into your workplace, you will be improving the quality of the relationships with your employees and expanding workplace opportunities and growth. Your business will run more efficiently, creating synergy between administration and employees in the process. Together, you will discover new ways to look beyond just recognizing diversity issues in the workplace and create a lasting solution for everyone involved.

Better Work Environment = Better Productivity

Cultural Competence in the Workplace

The bottom line is you will be more profitable with the adoption of cultural competence in the workplace. It has been proven that happier employees work harder and more efficiently, with less down time created from social, cultural and racial differences.

Beyond that, the perception of your company by potential customers will be greatly improved – offering you more opportunities to grow your business! Woven Traditions helps provide the progressive and forward-thinking that’s required for work places in the 21st century and beyond.

You never get a second chance to create a first impression. Make sure your organization gets started on the right foot by creating synergy and understanding within your own walls.

Just a few of the benefits by Woven Traditions in the Workplace Include:

  • Customized Tools and Exercises Designed Just for You – custom materials to fit your organizational needs
  • Complete Support During the Process – constant communication with the Woven Traditions staff
  • Training for those Teaching – we train you on how to implement the activities into your work environment
  • Breaking of Stereotypes in the Workplace – creating synergy among employees through critical thinking
  • Improved Perception from Clients – potential customers can see the difference through contact with their reps
  • And a whole lot MORE!

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