Cultural Competency

Educational Jigsaw Puzzles
Cultural Competence in Early Childhood Education

Educational Jigsaw PuzzlesThe growing importance of instilling 21st Century Skills into the lives of our children can be seen throughout schools nationwide. Developing critical thinking and understanding is the basis for this upgrade in early childhood education, and Did You Know Publishing, Inc. is proud to offer some cultural learning tools to help teachers and parents alike.

Kids of all ages can learn about important events or figures in African American history with a variety of resources that are fun and informative. Our series of Jigsaw Puzzles allow kids to learn mapping skills, history, numbers and more.

  • Ages 2 – 8;  8-piece Puzzles
  • Size is 9″ x 12″ and puzzle is laminated
  • Set 4001: King, Dunbar & Wells – ($14.99)
  • Set 4002: Tuskegee, Bethune & Marshall – ($14.99)
  • Set 4003: Parks, Drew & Douglass – ($14.99)
  • Set 4004: Carver, Walker & Armstrong – ($14.99)

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Educational Jigsaw Puzzles