We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident, That All Men are Created Equal

Even though our country was founded upon the belief that all people are created equally, and share the right to their own opinions, beliefs and cultures – we still find ourselves even today learning how to coexist as our world demographics continue to change.

Did You Know Publishing, Inc. believes that our culture is what makes us all unique – offering different ideas and contributions to the world around us.

With that in mind, Did You Know Publishing, Inc. began in 1991 to provide various products and services to help us remember the important cultural moments in history, as well as help guide today’s society toward the equality we all deserve to share.
Cultural Competence Training for Your Living, Learning & Working Environment
Parent and Community Enrichment Opportunity Sessions (Head Start & Pre-K through High School)
Pre-K through post graduate students can reap the rewards in both public and private institutions
Work environments, both large and small, as well as non-profit organizations
3-holed, wide-ruled notebook paper and stationary/laser paper with images...
Folders with dual pockets, with images
and quotes of historical figures...
The Pre-Reader/Early Reader book series. Children’s stories that are easy to read...
Cirriculum for teaching cultural competence
in our schools, workplace & homes...
Picture puzzles for children of preschool
and kindergarten age groups...
cultural competence

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Woven Traditions® Curriculum
What is Cultural Competency?
Cultural Competence is a journey; an evolving, dynamic process that takes time...

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Critical Thinking at Work?
Overcoming social and cultural differences in your place of work is a requirement for long term success...

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Cultural Competence in our Schools?
We interweave in tandem learning, literacy and life skills necessary for learners to succeed in their future careers...

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